Dave's Reviews

"Thanks for participating in the Jazz Festival -- judging by audience response, it was another success!"
- Ellie Bugli, co-founder of the Jazz and Beyond Festival

". . . 'Cindy the Cat', from the album City and Tree, is the best
single example of Fritz's range of styles, sweeping through a series
of moods that develops much like a good story."

- Guitar Player Magazine

". . . Melodies and rhythmic modes are handled architecturally
to build broad soundscapes and towering structures of harmonics . . .
The material present is handled aptly with finesse and a sense of grace"

- The Victory Music Folk & Jazz Review

". . . Fritz has a very strong sense of melody . . .
Quite an impressive debut
from an accomplished technician and composer."

- Bay Area Musician

". . . It is very enjoyable . . .
This is the sort of album that one should put on without regard
for the individual selections, and hear the overall effect . . .
The two vocal tracks are excellent, very beautiful . . .
Not much of this type of feeling gets expressed these days."

- Rip Robbins - Manager