Independence Day 2 may still happen without Will Smith

Remember the 1996 blockbuster film Independence Day. Now it is told that the film might still take place even if its original star Will Smith decides that he would not act in it.

Bill Pullman, Smith’s former co star, has been dealing with the scopes of the project’s future without the ex Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor. He told that the Will Smith part of it may be on going but he thinks that there are strategies for both. He prefers what he has to do in both of them.

Bill Pullman further told that he is not in an old age home in a wheelchair which is being wheeled out for another moment. It is really a very interesting concept of what occurs to Whitmore between then and when it picks back up.

Last year, Dean Devlin, the writer of the film, told that he has been working on different ideas for a new film with Roland Emmerich, the director of Independence Day. She added that he have no idea whether it would come together or not, but he want this to happen.

It is also believed that Fox would only go ahead if Will Smith says yes to this film, but till now Will has not deny or confirmed his involvement for the role of Captain Steve Hillier. They are probably fearing that Independence Day 2 without Will Smith may not be a great success.