A little About Dave

With a range of influences from folk to classic rock to jazz to classical, 6 and 12-string guitarist Dave Fritz considers himself an explorer. Always looking for new ideas and new ways to express existing ideas, his resulting original compositions have been described by audiences as "elegant" and "stunning."

Dave began playing guitar at age 9. After playing in a number of rock and roll bands, the music of guitar masters Leo Kottke and John Fahey sparked his fascination with fingerstyle guitar and the possibilities for expression that the solo acoustic guitar provided.

After releasing his independent album, "City and Tree", and promoting it on the West Coast from Los Angeles to Seattle, Dave took time off to explore a few different directions. During that time, his eclectic tastes and abilities led to a variety of musical settings, including alternating between jazz guitar and bass in a 17-piece big band, playing electric bass in an orchestra, leading a rock and roll oldies band, and even scoring a couple student films at the University of Southern California.

Now, returning to the solo guitar, Dave's performance features primarily guitar instrumentals - originals as well as the compositions of others. The occasional vocal does, however, make its way into the performance. It might be his version of a well-known tune, an original with some rather quirky lyrics, or even a parody of a long-time favorite.

Dave has re-released the original recording of City and Tree on CD, and is currently writing material for a new recording as well as completing an instruction book on How To Play Fingerstyle Guitar.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Dave now makes his home in Reno, Nevada (USA).