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City and Tree is a collection of original compositions for the 12-string guitar. All but 2 pieces are instrumental. All tracks are solo - there are no backup instruments or overdubs on this collection.

The Individual Tracks:

Prelude - With the approaching sound of a bell tower, this piece announces the beginning of the album. Someone once told me this one sounds like rain.

For Now - Did you ever know anyone who put an object in a certain place 'for now', and when you came back a year later it was still there? This one salutes the procrastinators who don't get upset over stuff like that.

Cindy the Cat - We had a special bond. I could tell by the eye contact. I would teach her tricks. I could never teach any of my other cats tricks.

Feel the Rain - Sunny, clear weather isn't the only good weather. This is the one I actually tried to make sound like rain.

Absurdity No. 3 - The name is a play on the titles of classical compositions: Opus 5, Symphony No. 29, etc. Someone asked me if there were 2 other Absurdities. I think there are at least a million others.

Laughing Because it's True - The best humor always has an element of truth to it. Listening to this one makes me feel like I'm on a merry-go-round.

Circus - Just once before I die, I would enjoy hearing this one played by a marching band.

In the Courtyard - Must have been in a classical mood that day.

I'm Here - The 2nd fingerstyle guitar piece I ever wrote. The 1st one was called Sawmill. Sawmill is not on this CD.

Oh My Babe - Love is so profound and so simple at the same time that I can be happy singing the same verse and chorus over and over again.

Prelude . . . (Again) - With the approaching sound of a bell tower, this track announces the beginning of whatever it is you're going to do now that you've finished listening to City and Tree.