My Favourites: Daniel Levin

Daniel Levin has been on the rise since his Don't Go It Alone debut in 2003. And while there have been plenty before him that has set the groundwork for the cello as a major instrument in jazz, inlcuding: Eric Friedlander, Daniel Pezzotti, Hank Roberts, and David Darling among others, Daniel Levin is one artist who is quickly making the cello a prominent force in jazz composition.


When Bill Barnes told me he was running off to Gypsy jazz camp, I had visions of rugged but glamorous days spent in caravans and romantic evenings by the campfire listening to inspired string music. The camera pans back to show bow-top trailers and a dark woods in the background.

My Favourites: Adam Cruz

After a two-decade career as an in-demand sideman as a drummer and percussionist, Adam Cruz, decided to make a record as a leader, recruiting a strong team including Miguel Zenon on alto saxophone, Steve Wilson on soprano saxophone, Chris Potter on tenor saxophone, Steve Cardenas on guitar, Edward Simon on acoustic and electric piano, and Ben Street on bass.

Dave's Reviews

"Thanks for participating in the Jazz Festival -- judging by audience response, it was another success!"
- Ellie Bugli, co-founder of the Jazz and Beyond Festival

". . . 'Cindy the Cat', from the album City and Tree, is the best
single example of Fritz's range of styles, sweeping through a series
of moods that develops much like a good story."

- Guitar Player Magazine

". . . Melodies and rhythmic modes are handled architecturally
to build broad soundscapes and towering structures of harmonics . . .

A little About Dave

With a range of influences from folk to classic rock to jazz to classical, 6 and 12-string guitarist Dave Fritz considers himself an explorer. Always looking for new ideas and new ways to express existing ideas, his resulting original compositions have been described by audiences as "elegant" and "stunning."

Dave began playing guitar at age 9. After playing in a number of rock and roll bands, the music of guitar masters Leo Kottke and John Fahey sparked his fascination with fingerstyle guitar and the possibilities for expression that the solo acoustic guitar provided.