Rapper Tinchy Stryder May Work Together With Nadia Forde On Her Debut Album

The Dublin Model, Nadia Forde, has revealed that she intends to work with Tinchy Stryder on her emotional debut album. Forde, who is planning to transform into a singer, thinks that Stryder is the perfect rapper, who can support her album. The 25-year-old model, who had met the rapper on the sets of “I’m a Celeb”, is devoting the year to record the debut album, which is expected to be very emotional. Meanwhile, Stryder had vowed that he would not be making any resolutions this year.

Every year Stryder makes a long list of promises that he fails to keep. Therefore, in December last year he did not change the tradition. However, he just vowed that he would not be making any new year resolutions. He said that he might stick to it if he does it. But when he thinks that he would be sticking to something, it becomes difficult for him to do it.

While the rapper was frightened about making resolutions, which he cannot keep, the “Number 1” singer was plagued by a frequent dream, where he was surrounded by clouds and rain. Stryder revealed that in his dreams he always sees the clouds and the skies with people talking to him. He added that although it was raining, nothing touched him. Every time he dreamt these weird incidents, he woke up sweating. He also said that he would not find out about the meaning of his dreams because they always point to the worst.