Stryder and Chuckle Bros song becomes a huge hit

Tinchy Stryder's partnership with the Chuckle Brothers has turned into an internet sensation, collecting more than 550000 hits in just twenty four hours.

To Me, To You (Bruv), taken from the British artists upcoming album 360, boasts the grime rapper along with comedy duo Paul and Barry Elliott as well as plays on the popular sketches from their 1990s television show. The duo is spotted arguing over a ladder before they joined the music star for a table tennis game.

The track that would be seen on YouTube, has now been seen 560861 times and it has also got 8563 likes. Tinchy Stryder tweeted: "205k views in less than 24hrs... Wow! I ain't mad at that!"

All profits from this track would go to African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust. The rumors of this unlikely partnership were triggered in September after the rapper uploaded a video of him in music studio along the slapstick brothers. Paul, 67, the younger Chuckle brother, later tweeted: "laying down some cool stuff."

Chuckle Brothers' manager Phil Dale stated that the threesome struck up a friendship following a meeting on ITV2 show Celebrity Juices set where they got on like a house of fire. A leading UK based newspaper has stated Phil told that they kept going into each other's dressing rooms. Stryder grew up with Chuckle Brothers and he has been a longtime fan of the duo. After that he invited them to his studio in London.