Tinchy Stryder did not like Abi Alton’s performance

Tinchy Stryder has stated that he did not relish the performance of Abi Alton on X Factor earlier this evening. The nineteen year old singer sang the Frank Sinatra’s That’s Life on ITV reality television show this evening. There was a time when judge Gary Barlow appeared very impressed with the rendition. On the other hand, Louis Walsh did not like it.

However as gleeful as Abi Alton was to have won over former Take That singer Gary Barlow. There was no doubt that she was upset when she listened the Xtra Factor panel speaking about her track and Tinchy Stryder stated that he would get off the fence. He thought that Abi was weak. She has got something about her but she did not give it today. She felt, not out of her comfort zone, but something did not connect for him.

Tinchy cast his weight after Rough Copy to win. Ellie Taylor, the presenter, agreed with Tinchy Stryder’s assessment and told that she kind of felt the same about Abi Alton and probably Nicholas as well. peobably they lack the confidence and that might come with age but they were not comfortable as some of the others.
Abi Alton tweeted: “LOVED being up on that stage! been practising so hard, That song has a lot of personal meaning…”

“Felt great to be out from behind the piano for a change too! I put my all into that performance :) and as for Louis comments.. #thatslife”